Active Hose Company
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Active Hose Company
Nicholas J. Regoni
George W. Swanson
Sam Provino
Ronald Moyer
Robert J. Carey
Charles Burch
Anthony Mancuso
Ray Hackett
Frank Muscato
Joe D'Agostino
John Zangerle
Peter N. Pagano Sr.
Actives Banquet 2016
Jerry Gehrig
Active Awards 55 years
Willy Cucinotta
Frank S. Hank DiSalvo
Active 2014 Banquet
Terry Ferrara
Robert Hanna
Al L. Taylor
Mickey Milillo
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altThe Active Hose Company was established in 1873. Meetings are held on the Second Tuesday of Each Month. The Active Hose Company maintains the Orginal Cart that was purchased in 1873 and is still in service for parades. The Actives also own a 2005 Ford Mini Pumper MP -412 that is currently in service. The Officers of the Active Hose are Chief Dean Smith, Captain Tim Hill, Lieutenant Joe Swick, President Bill D'Angelo, Vice President Dan Shull, Secretary, Bob Ossont,Treasurer Gene Gregg, Fire Council Dean Smith, Bill D'Angelo and Don Hopkins. alt
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